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The Personal Documentary Company creates professional video biographies that celebrate and preserve families' lives, for future generations to enjoy forever.
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Celebrate your life on film

About Us

The Personal Documentary Company is the brainchild of Jonathan Crane, an award-winning BBC TV documentary maker.


“I love doing these films. Everyone is interesting, everyone has a story to tell – my job is to draw that story out and create a film that tells it in a watchable, enjoyable way. And I love the wonderful reactions I get from clients when they see the films. ”


The Personal Documentary Company has been celebrating families’ lives for nearly 10 years. We’ve made these films in the UK, Europe and the USA.

If you’d like to commission a Personal Documentary please feel free to contact us. We’ll talk you through the process and give you an initial cost estimate, with absolutely no obligation.



07718 893 483



The Personal Documentary Company
1 Umbria Street
SW15 5DP