The Personal Documentary Company | The Personal Documentary Company l How We Do It
The Personal Documentary Company creates professional video biographies that celebrate and preserve families' lives, for future generations to enjoy forever.
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Celebrate your life on film

How we do it

  • We interview you on camera talking about your life, your family, your work and your memories
  • We can also interview close family members, friends, and work colleagues, wherever they may live
  • We include your most treasured family photographs, and any cinefilms and home videos you may have
  • We use your favourite pieces of music


Then, with skilful editing, we turn all that raw material into a unique Personal Documentary – a celebration of your life and your achievements – a lasting legacy for generations to come.


And, if you’re having a big family celebration – a wedding anniversary, a landmark birthday party, a retirement gathering – we can film it too and make it a feature of your Personal Documentary.