The Personal Documentary Company | The Personal Documentary Company
The Personal Documentary Company creates professional video biographies that celebrate and preserve families' lives, for future generations to enjoy forever.
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Celebrate your life on film

Why we do it

Family and friends are the most precious parts of our lives. But too often we let family memories and moments slip away unrecorded or forgotten:
  • We wish we’d talked more to elderly relatives about their lives and the stories they have to tell
  • We let time fade the memories of special events in our lives
  • We take endless photographs and videos only to let them gather dust in the attic
There are many opportunities to commission a Personal Documentary:
  • A son or daughter’s loving tribute to a parent, or grandchild to grandparent
  • A husband or wife’s special gift to their spouse to mark a wedding anniversary or landmark birthday
  • An older couple who might want to pass on their family history to generations to come
  • A company’s retirement gift for a board member or loyal and long serving employee
Let us film your story, or that of someone close to you, and preserve it forever to watch on DVD at the touch of a button.